Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Finally Spring

colored pencil
9" x 12"

I got sidetracked from the colored pencil drawing that I was working on. Daffodils finally began blooming in my yard two weeks ago. I set up this little still life, including a glass "Bluebird of Happiness" that I purchased last year from Terra Studios. (Terra Studios has been making these little birds since 1975! http://www.terrastudios.com/ ) I usually don't have so many different colors going on in one still life, but I loved how the little striped kitchen towel repeats all of the colors from the bird, flowers, and nectarines.


ceciliabaker said...

This is what you were working on when we came into the Batesville Arts Council gallery a few weeks ago. Loved it! I want a print of this when you get them.
Cecilia Baker

Sheila said...

Thanks Cecilia! I haven't decided if I'll get prints of this one or not, but if I do then I'll put some at the Main street gallery.