Thursday, June 17, 2010

Stuff and More Stuff

"Up From the Earth"
10" x 8"
colored pencil

Here's a small colored pencil drawing that I just finished. I had started on it much earlier this year, but it's been sitting in a drawer until I pulled it out last Friday and started back to work on it. My larger hydrangea drawing is on hold until we get to the new house. The move starts next week and I'm trying to get really serious with the packing. I've discovered that I really should clean out cabinets more often than just when we move. It's kind of amazing to find how much of the same exact stuff you can end up with. For example, way back in the kitchen cabinets, I found three boxes (800 count each) of toothpicks. I've made a mental note to never buy toothpicks again. We have enough to last a lifetime. And in the bathrooms - would you believe that we have 7 bottles of sunscreen?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Moo-ving Right Along

"Just a Little Bull"
8" x 10"

OK - Well I couldn't resist using "moo" in my post title. We are moving right along. We survived the huge yard sale. More stuff sold than I really expected. Needless to say there was still quite a bit left. We'll be moving to our new house in about three weeks if all goes accordingly to plan.

I've also been moving right along getting ready for the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute show that's coming up in July. Above is my last piece of art for this show. I'm glad that I agreed to participate in this exhibit. It's been good for me to do something besides still life. I think that I may do some more landscapes once we get settled in the new house. For now though, I just started a new still life. Hydrangeas, lace, and a silver bowl... I may end up tearing my hair out by the time I get all those little hydrangeas petals done... we'll see.