Thursday, March 19, 2009

Has It Really Been Nearly a Year?

Arrangement in Blue and White
colored pencil

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly a year since my last post. In my defense, all I can say is that this time last year, I was preoccupied with plans for my oldest daughter's wedding and my youngest son's high school graduation. Much has happened in the last year. I've done a lot more drawing, but I'm ashamed to admit that my painting fell by the wayside for much of this last year. That being said, spring is in the air, the trees are budding, and I feel the desire to turn over a new leaf and attack this painting thing again. I know that January 1st is suppose to be the time to make new resolutions, but I've always felt more like actually doing so when spring rolls around.

Above is one of my more recent colored pencil drawings. This one was juried into the International Guild of Realism's 2009 show which was just held at Weatherburn Gallery in Naples, Florida. I am quite happy to report that it won the 2009 Best Drawing award in that show. It was a real honor just to get in the show - the award was a very thick layer of icing on the cake! Here's a link to see all the award winners as well as the entire show on the Weatherburn's site:

Bear with me... now that I've ventured back into blogland, I'll do my very best to start posting regularly. Any of you out there reading this are more than welcome to post comments. (Otherwise I feel like I'm just talking to myself!)

I just finished up a smaller still life with asian pears - still need to get pics of it but should be able to post it tomorrow.


Ernie said...

I've been waiting a whole year for this post! I'm happy to see you're back. Kudos to you on your award-winning piece!

Sheila said...

Thanks, Ernie! It's really great to know that I've been missed. I appreciate your encouragement!