Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good News

"Red Pears at Play"
colored pencil

This is my first post in quite a while. We have successfully moved and are enjoying our new home. I am spending some time in the new studio, but have no new work to post just yet. I did hear from the Artist Magazine a week or so ago, that I was selected as a finalist in the still life category of their annual contest. One of my drawings from earlier this year (shown above) was my entry in the contest. Winners have already been selected and notified, but we'll have to wait for the December issue to learn who they are. Being a finalist means that my name will be listed in the December issue (no image of my work though). I also will receive (drum roll....) a frameable certificate! Being named is definitely better than being unnamed - I'll just literally have to go back to the drawing board and try for better next year.


Ariel Wilson said...

holy cow! i totaly did not know that pic was drawn and colord by you! i thought it was apicture that was taken!, wow you are so talented now i have so much more motivation to better my drawing and coloring skills..sad part about me is that im not good with using color because i always mess up (><)so every singe peice of artwork i draw i always color it digitaly..but i know sometime soon im going to HAVE to elarn how to use other mediums like charcole(i like charcole..i can only color in black andgray though lmao). but anyway your such a huge inspiration for me ^^

Sheila said...

Thanks Ariel. You just have to jump in and start doing the art and don't worry about how each piece turns out. Don't throw it all away either - put some drawings back and pull them out after a couple of months so you can see your progress!