Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year

 Winter Gourd
12" x 18"

Happy New Year! Yes, I am about a week late with the holiday wishes, but considering the fact that I haven't blogged in over a year, I don't think a week late is anything to worry about. Although I wasn't blogging, I was still drawing and painting this past year. Winter Gourd, pictured above, is my favorite drawing from 2013.  I enjoyed capturing the different textures of wood, pottery, gourds, and drapery. This one was accepted into the 2013 International Guild of Realism's juried show which was on exhibit in Tempe, AZ this past fall.

 Westward Shell                 Eastward Shell

Here's two more smaller graphite drawings from this past year.  Each one is 8" x 5".  I started out as a graphite artist and stayed in that medium for a number of years before I ever progressed to colored pencils and then to oil paints. This past year, I have developed an interest in focusing in on graphite and exploring just how far I personally can take this medium within the realms of realism.

With that said, I am still painting as well... More about that in my next post which I promise will be sometime this year!

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