Monday, November 12, 2007

Pink Ladies with Parasols

"Fish with Lemon"
6" x 6"
Copyright 2007 Sheila Cantrell

"Pink Lady with Parasol"
Copyright 2007 Sheila Cantrell
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Here's the latest two paintings. The "Fish with Lemon" painting is the last one of six that I needed for a holiday gallery sale in Oklahoma. It's at the framer's now, going into a sweet little shadowbox frame this week. I picked up the first four paintings from the framer last week. These small paintings look great in little black shadowbox frames. The cost was a pleasant surprise also! After years of having graphite and colored pencil drawings framed, it's nice to be able to pay just for the frame - not extra on glass and matting.

The apple painting is now on ebay. I had the idea of parasols and pink lady apples last summer. I searched all over our little town looking for drink parasols and found none. That could be because I live in a "dry county". "Dry county" is a term which causes some confusion among folks who move here from out west or up north. It doesn't mean that we get little rainfall but rather that the sales of alcoholic beverages are banned. I finally thought to go to ebay in my search for drink parasols and was able to purchase one gross (yep - 144) of the little umbrellas for about $8 including shipping. 144 is excessive - I could have gotten just a dozen for around $4 including shipping, but I've never been able to resist a bargain... To continue the story, I finally had my little parasols and guess what? The local grocery store no longer had pink lady apples. Finally, two months later, they're back in the stores and my Pink Lady with Parasol idea has finally come to fruition (yes - that was meant as a lame pun). By the way - anyone need a drink parasol???

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