Thursday, January 3, 2008

Flying Pig

"Flying Makes Me Happy"
colored pencil
8" x 8"
Copyright 2007 Sheila Cantrell

Here's a small colored pencil drawing that I finished a few days ago. I found this cute little pig manikin at an art supply store last month. I bought it for my daughter for Christmas because, not only is she an artist, but also a student at the University of Arkansas, home of the Arkansas Razorbacks (woooo-pigs-sooie). So how could I resist giving her her very own pig manikin? I borrowed him back right after Christmas to do this little still life. He looked so happy on his pedestal! I wanted to make it look like he was flying, so I put a blue sky with stenciled clouds in the background and added a couple of Monopoly hotels so he could feel like he was really high in the sky.

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