Thursday, January 31, 2008

Work in Progress

One of my intentions when I started this blog was to post work-in-progress photos of my larger colored pencil paintings. I've been remiss in doing that and what with the new year and all, have added that to my to-do list. So here is a photo of a work in progress. It's two mangoes lying side-by-side in tissue paper in a corrugated cardboard box. This one is larger-than-life (14" x 16 1/2"). Down on the bottom left-hand corner you can see how I'm building up the dark background - first with a layer of Tuscan red, followed by dark green, and then a final layer of black burnished on top. The tissue paper will be a light blue color to play off of the orangey-red of the mangoes. I want to get the dark, rich colors of the mangoes established before I render the tissue paper.

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