Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More Mileage From Your Produce

Apple Half
Copyright 2007 Sheila Cantrell
This is what you call "getting more mileage out of your produce". I took one of the apples from last Friday's painting and halved it for this painting. I ate half and painted half - in fact the half I painted is still in the studio and looking pretty good, thanks to the lemon juice I wiped on it yesterday. Don't think that I'll eat it today though - I'll probably send it to the rabbit shed this afternoon. My daughter's rabbits will think that day-old cut apple is a treat.
This one was fun to paint. I really like the subtleness of the small amount of red and green that shows up at the top of the apple and along the sides.


Allison said...

This one is awesome! You're improving a lot. So proud of my Mom... but now I'm wanting to go buy some canvas and oils. Can't let you get too far ahead!

Sheila said...

Thanks Allison! Actually, it turns out that its not that hard to do - you just put the right color with the right value in the right place...Ha!