Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'll Go With Strapless Next Time

Amy's Red Shoe
Copyright 2007 Sheila Cantrell

Here's the latest daily painting. My daughter Amy, who's taking Art 1 this year, came home Tuesday complaining that they had to remove a shoe and draw it in class that day. She was actually just complaining about the fact that they had no prior notice about the assignment and so she was wearing a sylish (newly) tattered tennis shoe instead of lucking out and having a flip-flop on like one of her friends. I was just thinking "what shall I paint tomorrow" when she told me this story and so I thought - a shoe - why not? I went to her closet since she's young and hip and borrowed one of her shoes. (Most of mine are of the running variety.) About nine o'clock last night as I was finishing up, I thought next time I'd go with a strapless shoe - a nice little mary jane should do nicely...
Amy, by the way, came home on Wednesday, quite pleased to announce that her drawing had been used as an assignment illustration for subsequent art classes that day. My heart swells with pride...

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