Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wipe and Whew!

Red Bell Pepper
Copyright 2007 Sheila Cantrell
Alright, so I was working on this pepper painting last night instead of spending quality TV time with my husband. I had painted the entire canvas a nice sienna brown a couple of days ago to prepare it. I've already figured out that I like painting on a prepared midtone colored canvas instead of a bright white canvas. Anyway, I was pretty happy with the pepper and for some reason decided to paint a very dark background around it. Big mistake! So I grabbed my little rubber wipe-off tool and a rag and "whew" it looked alright again. In fact, I like the little stained look that the remnants of the darker paint left. I could never have done a reverse like that with colored pencil...

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scooterdiva said...

I love the color combination of the sienna background with the vibrancy of the red pepper. The "washed" look of the background reminds me of the wonderful texture of a hand-plastered adobe wall. Your graphite work is fabulous, so I have every confidence that your oils will be just as good. Keep at those "One-A-Day's"!!!